What To Ask Your Solar PV Supplier Before You Sign On The Line

What to ask your Solar PV supplier before you sign on the line - Downtown Electric

One of the keys to making a success of your Solar PV installation, is to find the right supplier and installers who can find you the right system based on what you need, and correctly install your panels to ensure you get all the benefits you should.

Choosing the wrong provider can make your project take a lot longer, cost you a lot more, and fail to deliver the results you expected.

There’s a lot of research that goes into finding the right supplier and installer for your Solar PV system.

If you’re considering an installation project, here’s a few things to think about when it comes to your supplier and installer.


1 – Do they come recommended?

The best way to ensure you get a reliable installer for your Solar PV system, is to find someone who comes with a recommendation.

You can ask friends and family for a recommendation if they’ve had solar panels installed, or maybe they know someone who can provide a recommendation.

You could also ask any neighbours who’ve had solar panels installed if they have any recommendations.

If you don’t know anyone personally or through your family, friends or neighbours, be sure to check the testimonials of previous customers to get an idea what their service is like and whether they’re reliable.


2 – Are they accredited/ certified/ authorised to carry out the installation?

Installing solar panels and ensuring the system is set up correctly is a highly technical job and it should be carried out only by authorised or qualified engineers.

For example are your engineers members of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code? Or are they providing products that meet MCS standards?

These are all things you should check when researching your solar PV provider and installers.


3 – Can they give you a quote (and what’s included)

Every installer or provider of Solar PV systems should be able to provide you with a free quote for both the cost of the solar panels, and the installation.

But you should be completely clear on what exactly it is you’re paying for, and whether the price may change on the date.


4 – Will they complete a site survey before the installation?

It’s not always needed but your installers should be able to conduct a site survey of your home before carrying out the installation.

This will help figure out where the solar panels will go (which part of the roof is most suitable depending on the way it faces etc) and what additional works, or potential problems there could be on the day (like restricted access etc)

A site survey can help keep the work on the day to a minimum and make for a smoother process.


5 – What solar panels do your providers sell?

Depending on the options you want for price/ type of solar PV system etc that you want, it’s worth checking whether your supplier offers a range of solar panels from different manufacturers, or if they only provide a single type.

You should also check the reliability and energy efficiency of the panels you choose as this will have a long-term impact the benefits you’ll get from your solar panels.


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