What Is Battery Storage And How Does It Work?

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Installing solar panels on a domestic or commercial property is a great way to reduce your energy bills and make your property more efficient and environmentally friendly.

But when you’re creating more energy than you need, aren’t you losing a big opportunity when your excess electricity just goes back to the main grid

Wouldn’t it be better for your home or business if you could keep that excess power to yourself to be used at a later date – and improve your energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs further?

Of course it would.

And that’s where battery storage could be the next best investment you’ll make.

A good battery storage solution means you can keep your excess energy in reserve to be used at a later date when it best suits your business or home.

In this guide we’ll give you a quick introduction to battery storage solutions and how they can benefit your business and home.


What is battery storage?

Battery storage is a single or set of independent battery units installed in a commercial or domestic property that’s usually linked to a set of solar panels.

The battery can be used to store excess power generated by the solar panels and keep that energy on the property, rather than returning it to the national grid.

Once the power is stored, it can be used again at another time by the home or business as a secondary power source, instead of relying on the national power supply (which reduces the cost of your energy bills) or it can be used in emergencies – like if there’s a power cut on the grid.


How does battery storage work?

The battery units themselves are connected to your installed solar panels and can draw the power from the solar panels into the battery units when they’d otherwise be dispersed back into the national grid.

As your solar panels draw energy from the sunlight during the day, the batteries can be automatically charged to store energy once you’ve reached an excess (or you can set them to automatically recharge as a priority).

Obviously the bigger the battery units the more excess energy you’ll be able to preserve.

With the additional stored energy in your batteries you’ll be able to access additional power during peak business hours, or when you’re home, to reduce your reliance on the national grid and bring your energy bills down.


Using smart technology to optimise your battery and energy usage

While battery storage is ultimately about storing and reusing more of the energy you produce through your solar panels, with the right smart technology integrated into your battery storage solution, you can get many more benefits.

A major benefit is you can use the smart software that comes with your battery storage to optimise how you charge, store and use the energy you create.

For example you can match your power storage and usage to the utility prices during the day so you’re using more of your own electricity when prices are higher, and charging your units when prices are lower.

This will help you keep your energy bills as low as possible.

You can even go so far as to optimise your energy usage based on weather fluctuations and also based around your usage history.

Understanding your own usage – and visualising it through your battery storage software – means you’re always storing or using your own energy when it’s most effective for you.

This works similar to how electric vehicle charging software works, when you’re charging your vehicle based on the utility price rate.

And if you do have an EV charger at home, your battery storage unit could be an ideal way to provide energy for your electric vehicle so you’re essentially not paying for the energy you’re using to charge your vehicle because you’re producing it yourself.

From a commercial perspective battery storage is an ideal way to provide your own energy to run your commercial space or even to provide EV chargers at the office for employees and guests.

You could even use the two systems to not just generate additional energy to save costs, but generate additional revenue for your business through your electric vehicle chargers.


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