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Create your own electricity to power your home

Install solar PV panels on your home to generate 100% renewable energy to reduce your energy bills Get a quote

Reliable Solar PV panel installation

We’re experts in designing and installing solar PV panels that can reduce your energy panels by reducing your reliance on electricity from the Grid.

By creating your own electricity using power directly from the sun you can save money and improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Our engineers are qualified and registered to carry out installation of your solar PV panels and can have you up and generating power quickly.


Plus, we can help you with any applications to ensure you don’t see any delays to your project.


Cost effective solar energy installation

Solar PV is incredibly affordable, and you could start to see the financial benefits almost immediately when you install panels on your property.

It’s a perfect time too with the cost of electricity and other utilities driving up the cost of living.

With professionally installed solar PV panels you can reduce your reliance on expensive energy tariffs and power your home with 100% renewable energy.

We’ve helped hundreds of customers save money on their energy bill and improve their carbon footprint with solar PV panels.

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Solar Panels - Downtown Electrical

Experienced Solar PV installers

We’ve carried out electrical installations for individual domestic customers through to large commercial customers requiring complex knowledge and experience.

Our expertise means we can take on any kind of Solar PV installation, whether you’re a homeowner looking to improve your home’s efficiency, or a business trying to reduce your company’s environmental impact.

By installing PV panels and generating your own electricity you can become more self-sufficient and lower your monthly energy bills.

Our engineers can help you select the right solar panel system to ensure you get the most efficient system for your home or business to get the best return on your initial investment.

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Experienced Solar PV installers - Downtown Electrical

Benefits of installing solar PV panels

  • Reduce your energy bills

By generating your own electricity directly from solar power you can reduce your reliance on the national supply and reduce your monthly bills

    • Reduce your environmental impact

Solar panels allows you to generate clean, safe, renewable energy that can greatly reduce the carbon foot print of your home or commercial office.

  • Make money

Not only can you save money on your electricity bills by installing solar PV panels, you can actually make money too by storing excess energy and selling it back to the grid

  • Self-power your EV vehicle

If you own an electric vehicle you can connect your charging unit to your solar PV panels so you can charge your vehicle for free with your own energy

  • Store your excess energy

By combining your solar PV panels with battery storage solutions you can store excess electricity built up during the day to save for later use

Reliable Solar PV panel installation - Downtown Electrical

Get a professionally installed solar PV system from Downtown Electrical

At Downtown Electrical we’re here to ensure you get the solar system you want and make your installation as easy as possible.

We’re here to help you every step of the way and can advise on everything from the best solar PV system to install, to the best location on your property to final installation and energy management.

All our installations are backed and guaranteed so you can be confident of getting the best service.

Why choose Downtown Electrical for your solar PV installation?


Transparent pricing

When you get a quote from Downtown Electrical for your solar panel installation you’ll know exactly what you’ll paying

Get a professionally installed solar PV system from Downtown Electrical - Downtown Electrical

Reliable supplier and installation experts

With a team of qualified and registered installers we’ve got the experience and expertise to handle any solar PV installation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install solar panels on my home’s roof?

Most properties can have solar panels installed but the direction your home faces can impact the efficiency. South facing roofs are best and provide the most efficient energy production while East or West facing properties offer good production.

If you’re roof faces North, you’ll only see a much-reduced level of production.

Do I need planning permission to install solar panels?

Not necessarily. Most solar panel installations are designated as ‘permitted developments’ and won’t require planning permission from the council. However you should check with your local council’s planning rules.

How long will it take to install my solar panels?

Although each project will be different and could take longer due to applications, we typically carry out full installation of your solar panels within 6 weeks of the initial consultation.

How do Solar PV units work?

Solar PV units use PV cells (layers of semiconducting material) to convert light shining on the panels into electricity which can be used to power a home or office, as well as create electricity that be stored using battery storage technology

Do Solar PV units only work when it’s sunny outside?

No. Despite what you might have heard you don’t need to expose Solar PV units to direct sunlight, meaning your panels will still generate electricity on cloudy days.

Where should you put solar panels to get the most benefits?

To generate the most power from your Solar PV units, you should place the panels on a South facing roof as this will get the most exposure during the day.

Roofs that face South-East or South-West can also produce reliable amounts of energy. If you only have a roof that faces East or West you can still put solar panels on them, but they’ll typically lose between 10%-15% of their efficiency.

If your roof faces North, then Solar PV units may not be a good investment due to fall in efficiency.

How do Solar PV units make you money?

As well as saving money on your electricity bills by generating your own power, you can actually make money from the electricity you generate through your Solar PV units. You can do this by selling any excess energy back to the Grid.

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    Excellent communication and service throughout. Highly recommended.
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    I've used this firm twice now and have been thrilled with their service. They are knowledgeable, efficient and tidy! Happy to recommend to anyone.

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