Workplace Electric Vehicle Charge Scheme

Workplace Charging Scheme – Guidance Document for Applicants, Chargepoint Installers and Manufacturers

Downtown Electrical is OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) approved, which means we are one of a few government approved installers of charging points for electric vehicles. We have a range of charging points available to be installed in the home or in the workplace, and because they are all OLEV approved, they are suitable for the Workplace Charging Scheme which can help to save you money. Please see our range of charging unit products below:

If you have any questions regarding our different car charging points, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 0113 345 6798 and they will walk you through the details.

Claim up to £300 – Workplace Charging Scheme

Did you know that you could be eligible to claim money back for electrical car charging points installed on your business premises? Workplace car charging points that are OLEV approved (like our charging points) qualify for the Workplace Charging Scheme. This government scheme for electric cars gives you £300 off the cost of the purchase and installation of a new single socket charge point, and allows companies to claim up to a maximum of 20 charge points for the same premises.

This scheme has been available since November 2016 and is open to any business, registered charity or public authority. The requirements are as follows:

Electrical Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

Want to receive money off your vehicle chargepoint?

We offer a range of charging points suitable for home installation, particularly the EO and Rolec chargers that are extremely reliable and affordable. Both are ideal for at-home use and are OLEV approved for the Electrical Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, giving homeowners up to £500 off their purchase.

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) is an organisation formed to combine environmental policies with funding streams to simplify policy development and delivery of low emission vehicles. Their aim is to promote the reduction of carbon monoxide emissions on our roads, and they work closely with businesses and domestic customers to make low emission driving more affordable. All of our chargers qualify for this money-back scheme, including:

Scheme Eligibility

 The Electrical Vehicle Homecharge Scheme provides up to £500 for any individuals who have taken ownership of a new or second hand electrical vehicle any time after 1st April 2015. The grant may also apply to:

To get the full details, make sure you download the Electrical Vehicle Homecharge Scheme Guidance for Customers PDF document.

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Get money off your charging point at home today, and contact Downtown Electrical to book an installation or consultation. We are one of the few OLEV approved installers in the North of England, and all of our electricians are fully trained and registered. Use the online contact form or call us direct on 0113 345 6798.




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