How the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme can save you money

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If you own an electric car and want to charge it at home the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVS) could save you money on installing an electric vehicle charge point.

Though the government grant has been around for a few years now and was updated in April 2020, many people still have questions about the scheme and how it can help them.

We’ll tell you all you need to know about the OZEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme so you can start saving money while you’re helping the planet.

How much money can I save with the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme?

The government will give you 75% of the cost of an electric vehicle charge point, including the unit and installation.

There is a price cap of £350 including VAT, but you can apply for the maximum of two charging points at the same property if there are two qualifying electric vehicles.

In that case, you would save a maximum of £700 on two installations.

Installation prices including the unit depend on the brand and capacity, but range from a few hundred pounds to around £1,500.

If you chose a cheaper unit, you would only end up paying a few hundred pounds yourself with the help of the grant.

Once your charge point is installed, it’ll help you continue to save money every day.

You’ll be charging your electric car at your property using your chosen tariff, instead of using more expensive public chargers, and spending less on fuelling your vehicle compared to petrol or diesel cars.

Do I qualify for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme?

To successfully apply for the EVHS grant, you have to meet these conditions.

  • Be a registered keeper of an eligible electric vehicle (new or second-hand)
  • Have ordered an eligible electric vehicle
  •  Be named by your employer as the primary user of an eligible electric vehicle
  • Have been leasing an eligible electric vehicle for the previous six months
  • Be a resident at the property you’re applying for an installation at
  •  Have dedicated off-street parking suitable for charge point installation
  • Acquire third-party permission in the case of rental or leased properties

If you’re planning to apply, check that your car is on the official list of eligible electric vehicles first.

Bear in mind that you won’t be able to use this scheme if you already made a Domestic Recharge Scheme claim, unless it’s for a second charge point for a second electric vehicle.

How does the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme work?

To apply for the EVHS grant, you must sign a form confirming that you’re eligible for the grant and that all the installation details are accurate.

An EVHS-approved installer like Downtown Electrical can complete this form for you.

This customer declaration requires you to provide:

  • Your personal details (name, address, etc)
  •  Evidence of your eligible electric vehicle
  • The charge point specifications
  •  Installation cost details
  •  A declaration that your vehicle and property meet the requirements
  • Your consent for the installer to claim the grant for you

There are two parts to the form, with the first part sometimes signed before the installation and the second part signed on the installation day.

Following the completed installation, the installer will then apply for the grant on your behalf and discount the cost on your invoice to reflect the amount.

Where can I find the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme application form?

The EVHS installation form is available online, but you can’t actually submit the application yourself.

You must get in touch with an OZEV-approved installer to organise your EV charge point installation so they can apply for you.

Having expert installers fill out all the specifications reduces the risk of people submitting incomplete or incorrect forms that will just get rejected.

At Downtown Electrical, we’ve got the experience to oversee home electric vehicle charge point installations from the initial survey to the completed application and beyond.

We’ll make sure everything is up to standard and work with you to choose the best charge point and location for your residence.

You won’t have to worry about missing documentation or delays when Downtown Electrical is on the case.

Talk to us today to get started with an Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme application.

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