How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Battery Of An EV?

How much does it cost to replace the battery of an EV? - Downtown Electrical

The batteries of Electric Vehicles (EVs) are designed to last for at least 8 to 10 years and/or 100,000 miles. But many can last for double this, if they are cared for appropriately.

As with mobile phones, as EV batteries age, we often find that we need to recharge them more often. This is a good indicator that your EV battery is reaching its twilight years.

Other symptoms include:

  • An illuminated battery symbol on the dashboard.
  • Issues with wider electronics, for example, dimming headlights.

If this occurs, then you will be able to claim on your warranty if you have purchased a new car.

However, what if your car is out of warranty or second-hand?

How much is a replacement EV battery?


Lease a battery

If you have an older model EV, such as a Renault or Nissan, it could be possible to lease a new battery.

This would bring down the cost of replacing your EV battery as it could then be paid in smaller monthly instalments.

Leasing also guarantees the performance of the battery. Once the leased battery starts to deteriorate and efficiency drops to 75%, the leasing company are obliged to swap it for another, thereby ensuring the quality for the duration of the lease.

You will also be entitled to free breakdown recovery and roadside assistance, which is included in battery rental!

If you are interested in retaining the value of your EV, then battery leasing might also be a good option for you. As all cars get older, their value depreciates. With EVs, this is because the battery loses efficiency and range. However, if you lease your battery, it never loses efficiency and therefore retains its value.

Similarly, battery-less EVs, that are designed for battery leasing, can be between £3,500-£6,000 cheaper to buy when new. Meaning that you could either buy a cheaper car or get more for your money when buying!


How much does battery leasing cost?

Leasing costs are determined by:

  • The make and model of your car.
  • The distance you travel per year, usually the number of miles per annum.

A quick look on a comparison site, and you’ll see that monthly lease costs for the higher end milage (between 12,500-15,000) can be between £57- £153 per month, and cars that travel at the minimum of 4,500 miles per annum can be as little as £25- £97 per month.


Buying a new battery

Buying a new battery for your EV frees you from monthly repayments and has no milage cap. This means that if you would prefer a larger one-off payment or travel more than 15,000 miles per annum, buying a new battery might be a better option for you.

Battery warranty is also an important consideration when looking at replacement batteries. When new, they generally feature a 10-year warranty, and may have a total milage limit. If you keep your car for longer than 10-years, you then open yourself up to the risks of an expired warranty.


How much does a new battery cost?

As with all thing’s car related, every battery will be priced differently depending on the make, model, and manufacturer.

It is worth considering however, the cost of a professional replacing the battery for you alongside the cost of the battery.

It may work out cheaper to get your battery straight from the manufacturer and pay them to fit it.

In 2021, a Tesla Model S battery would set you back £8,870 for the battery, plus installation, for example.


Maintaining your new battery

Try to avoid ‘deep discharging’ or letting your battery capacity dip below 10-20%. This ruins battery efficiency, lessens their ability to charge, and hold charge.

As such, once you have invested in a new or leased battery for your EV it is important to properly maintain it. Using an at home EV charging point remains the cheapest and most convenient way to recharge your battery when it is not in use and prolongs the life of your battery.

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