How Much Does A Full Factory Rewire Cost?

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There’s a number of factors that determine how much a commercial rewire will cost, here’s the main things that impact the price

If you’re moving into a new factory or warehouse, or are starting to see more consistent electrical problems cropping up on the property, then you might have to start thinking about a complete rewiring.

And that can seem like an expensive proposition.

But how much does it actually cost to rewire a factory, warehouse or any other commercial building?

The truth is, there’s no way to give a solid answer because every project will be different.

But costs are typically guided by a number of key factors which will be taken into consideration for any quote you get.

In this blog we’ll tell you the main things that will impact the costs of a full factory or warehouse rewiring to help give you an idea the level of investment you’ll need to make.



Where your property is can have a significant impact on the cost.

If your factory is in London for example, you’ll pay more than you would if your property is in the North West or North East.

This is simply down to the cost of labour in these areas.


The scale of project

Other than location, the factor that will most likely determine the size of investment you’ll need for a factory rewiring will be the scale of the project based on the size of factory or warehouse being rewired.

Simply put, the bigger the property, the bigger the project, the bigger the investment needed.

The reason is pretty simple.

Bigger project will require more tools and equipment like wiring, sockets, switches and other fittings, as well as more circuits built and connected.

A warehouse with lots of machinery for example will need potentially thousands of electrical outlets, as well as safety measures built into the circuits.

All these extra complexities for a project will impact the cost.


Building work

If you’re rewiring a factory or warehouse (or any building) it will involving cutting holes and creating trails in the wall to feed wires and cables through, cutting holes to install sockets and outlets, and potentially removing entire sections of wall for more complex circuits.

It could also mean creating new access to closed off areas so wires and sockets can be installed.

All this can result in a lot of building and repair work needing to be carried out to fill in any holes and return walls to their previous state.

If you need a lot of plastering or other repair work after the rewiring, it can push the cost up further.


The cost of hardware

It used to be the case that most warehouse or factory rewiring projects used simple plastic finishings and fittings on sockets and outlets because they were the cheapest option.

That’s still the case for most projects of this type but you can now get sockets with built in USB ports and other plug adapters which allow for a more varied level of equipment to be installed without the need for additional adapters.

If you need to have these more elaborate sockets or outlets installed, then you’ll have to be prepared to pay a bit more for them.


Completing a full factory rewire with Downtown Electrical

We’ve carried out hundreds of commercial rewiring projects on factories and warehouses, so our team has the expertise and skills to carry out your work to the highest professional standards.

All of our electrical engineers are qualified with the latest industry standards so you know you’re getting your project completed safely.

If you want to get a better idea of how much your specific factory rewiring project will cost, get in touch with us today.

We’ll work with you to get a better idea what it is you need and can come up with a quote.


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