Government Grant

OLEV EVHS Scheme Eligibility

The Electrical Vehicle Homecharge Scheme provides up to £350 to any individual who has taken ownership of a new or second-hand electrical vehicle since October 2016. The grant may also apply to:

OLEV Scheme Eligibility

  • Anyone Who Is Required to Drive a Company Car

  • Anyone Who Leases an Electric Car for Work

  • Anyone Who Leases a Vehicle Against Their Salary

The EVHS is only available when authorised installers such as ourselves have installed an eligible 'smart' charge point. Good news is our EVbox and EO solutions are smart (comes with smartphone app) and eligible for the £350 grant.

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The Workplace Charging Scheme

The Workplace Charging Scheme for electric cars gives you £350 off of the cost of an installation of a new charge point, and allows companies to claim up to a maximum of 40 charge points totaling £14'000 grant!. This scheme has been available since November 2016 and is open to any business, registered charity, or public authority. The requirements are as follows:

The Workplace Charging Scheme

  • You Must Have off-Street Parking or Car Parks

  • The Charge Points Need to be OLEV-Approved

Available for new charge points only (you cannot claim on existing ones). Contact us or send an email for a free site survey and quotation today!

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