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Smarter charging for your Electric Vehicle in Leeds with Zappi

We want to provide you with the greatest choice of how you charge your electric vehicle, and Zappi smart charging is a great option for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint even more.

Take advantage of your home’s own electricity production with solar panels or wind turbines and feed that electricity into your EV charger.

At Downtown Electrical we’ve partnered with Zappi to supply their range of environmentally friendly EV chargers.

MyEnergi Zappi Home EV Charger

Zappi Smart Charging for the home

Take advantage of £350 OLEZ grant funding

Zappi chargers can take advantage of your home’s other environmental technology and draw more power from the electricity you produce yourself, rather than pulling it from the grid.


This helps make your EV charging even more environmentally friendly. With a full option of how you charge your electric vehicle by using your home produced energy supply, or pulling from the grid when you need to.

Zappi charges are completely programmable and can self-regulate where it pulls electricity from so you don’t have to worry about anything.

You can get a Zappi charger installed from around £750 including VAT.

Zappi smart EV charger

Why choose Zappi?

For home and workplace

Zappi EV chargers provide a customisable and intelligent charger that can reduce your environmental impact even further. Pull electricity from their home’s solar PV or wind turbine to charge your vehicle, or use it as a regular EV charge point.

Zappi chargers can keep track of all your loading sessions for you so you can see exactly how much energy is loaded to the unit per day, week, month, year and session.

Zappi Chargers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are zappi EV chargers cost effective?

Yes. Especially if you have solar panels installed on your home. Zappi EV chagers can use the surplus energy you generate through solar panels as the source to charge your electric vehicle – meaning you don’t have to worry about the price of electricity.

Even if you don’t have solar panels, a Zappi EV charger can detect when cheaper electricity tariffs are available through the day to ensure you’re always paying the lowest amount to charge your electric vehicle.

How much does a Zappi EV charger cost?

An efficient Zappi EV charger can cost around £1,000 to be installed. However there are government grants available that can greatly reduce the costs of the appliance and installation.

How quickly will a Zappi EV charger charge my electric vehicle?

Zappi EV chargers come with three charging speed modes:

1 – Fast

2 – Eco

3 – Eco+


With fast charging you can charge your car ready for a journey in under an hour.

Are Zappi EV chargers eligible for OZEV grants?

Yes. If you want to buy and install a Zappi EV charger at home you could be eligible for a Government grant providing you meet the necessary criteria. An OZEV grant can reduce the cost of installation by hundreds of pounds.

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  • David Alexander ★★★★★
    Excellent professional service. George and Glenn overcame a number of problems, including significant delays with Northern Powergrid. They did so in a very professional and friendly manner and I would definitely recommend them to other … More businesses considering the installation of EV chargepoints.
  • Fraser M ★★★★★
    Excellent communication and service throughout. Highly recommended.
  • Linda Gartland ★★★★★
    Installing the charge point for an electric car outside our 400 year old house was a challenge which required experience and inventiveness beyond most installers. Downtown Electrical were extremely helpful through every stage of planning … More the installation, and did a fantastic job on the day. I thoroughly recommend them.
  • Ed Hayes ★★★★★
    Took my hamster to these guys for an operation and they injected it in the wrong place - unfortunately he died.. Do not take your pets to this company. Or your Hoover.Only joking, they did an amazingly efficient job installing a podpoint … More charger at my home this morning and George was massively knowledgeable and efficient throughout. My initial enquiry was dealt with in the most prompt and professional way I have ever experienced with any company actually. I highly recommend them.
  • Tracy Ibbotson ★★★★★
    I've used this firm twice now and have been thrilled with their service. They are knowledgeable, efficient and tidy! Happy to recommend to anyone.

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