Join the Rolec Revolution with Us in Leeds

At Downtown Electrical we’re proud to have helped countless electric vehicle owners charge their cars. Now, our team, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, is proud to partner with Rolec EV as one of their main installers. This means that we can continue offering high-quality services to every customer.

We’re also registered under the OLEV Grant Scheme for both EVHS and WCS and you can find out more about our Rolec points below.

Rolec Home Charging

Safe, smart, and simple, these charging points help you to save time by charging your electric car in the driveway or garage. This means you can hit the road with a full battery every day!

As well as being compatible with every electric vehicle on the market, the Rolec Homesmart is available as a universal socket or tethered version as per your preference. It has intelligence capabilities by connecting to EV.Energy smart app via GPRS meaning there are no messy Ethernet cables to deal with. This charge point also qualifies for the government EVHS grant of £350 off your installation, so act now!

Workplace and Public Charging

Future-proof your workplace for the electric vehicle revolution with Rolec! To help your workplace step into the future, you can take advantage of up to £14,000 of funding through the Workplace Charging Scheme today!

Why Choose Rolec?

Rolec EV have now manufactured and designed a great range of EV charge points for various locations. These include commercial offices, warehouses, restaurants, gyms, car parks, factories and many more.

Thanks to Rolecs large range we can offer a solution to suit every budget and requirement.

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