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At Downtown Electrical we’re proud to have helped countless electric vehicle owners charge their cars. Now, our team, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, is proud to partner with EO Charging as one of their Tier 1 installers. This means that we can continue offering high-quality services to every customer.

We’re also registered under the OZEV Grant Scheme for both EVHS and WCS and you can find out more about our EO charging points below.

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EO Home Charging

Install EO Charging station at home

Safe, smart, and simple, these charging points help you to save time by charging your electric car in the driveway or garage. This means you can hit the road with a full battery every day!

As well as being compatible with every electric vehicle on the market, the EO mini pro is available as a universal socket or tethered version as per your preference. It has intelligence capabilities when connected to the new EO Smart Home APP via Wi-Fi™, meaning there are no messy Ethernet cables to deal with. This charge point also qualifies for the government EVHS grant of £350 off your installation, so act now!

EO Charging | Smart electric vehicle charging

Workplace and Public Charging

Claim up to £14,000 of funding

Future-proof your workplace for the electric vehicle revolution with EO! To help your workplace step into the future, you can take advantage of up to £14,000 of funding through the Workplace Charging Scheme today!

Why Choose EO?

The EO genius is our intelligent commercial charging solution for fleets and workplaces. Fleet managers get access to smart-charging functionality and the EO Cloud charging portal, offering a holistic view of your charging infrastructure.

The EO hub is an award-winning product which can connect up to 32 EO genius charging stations, making our fleet and customer charging solution smart, cost-effective, and scalable.

EO Approved Installer

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Get in touch with us, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, to hear more about our electric charging points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a regular electrician to install my EO charger?

No. EO ev chargers MUST be installed by an EO approved installer. If you try to have it installed by a non-approved installer your EV charger’s smart features will remain locked and your warranty will be invalid.

You’ll also give up any access to support during the installation process so it’s essential that you have your EO charger installed by an approved installer.

Do I need to have an earth rod installed for my EO charger?

It’s possible to avoid having an earth rod installed as part of your EO charger installation and one of our specialist installers will be able to run through your options with you when you call.

And many next generation EV chargers are actually developed without requiring an earth rod anyway.

We highly recommend avoiding an earth rod installation for home installs because it avoids the hassle and cost of earthing your charger with a standard earth rod, which can be expensive, time consuming and potentially dangerous if you accidentally hit a water or sewage pipe.

How does the EO app work?

If you download the EO charging app you’ll be able to start, stop and schedule your EV charging from your smart device, from anywhere.

The app can also save you money because it integrates with the Octopus Go energy tariff, which automatically works out the cheapest time to charge your vehicle so you’re always saving money.

Customer Reviews

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  • David Alexander ★★★★★
    Excellent professional service. George and Glenn overcame a number of problems, including significant delays with Northern Powergrid. They did so in a very professional and friendly manner and I would definitely recommend them to other … More businesses considering the installation of EV chargepoints.
  • Fraser M ★★★★★
    Excellent communication and service throughout. Highly recommended.
  • Linda Gartland ★★★★★
    Installing the charge point for an electric car outside our 400 year old house was a challenge which required experience and inventiveness beyond most installers. Downtown Electrical were extremely helpful through every stage of planning … More the installation, and did a fantastic job on the day. I thoroughly recommend them.
  • Ed Hayes ★★★★★
    Took my hamster to these guys for an operation and they injected it in the wrong place - unfortunately he died.. Do not take your pets to this company. Or your Hoover.Only joking, they did an amazingly efficient job installing a podpoint … More charger at my home this morning and George was massively knowledgeable and efficient throughout. My initial enquiry was dealt with in the most prompt and professional way I have ever experienced with any company actually. I highly recommend them.
  • Tracy Ibbotson ★★★★★
    I've used this firm twice now and have been thrilled with their service. They are knowledgeable, efficient and tidy! Happy to recommend to anyone.

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