Looking for a reliable EV charger installer in Bradford?

Our family-run Yorkshire company is highly qualified to provide EV charger installation in Bradford and further afield..

Whether you’re concerned about electric car charging points in Keighley or want to set up an EV charger in Shipley, we’ve got you covered.

EV home charger installation Bradford

Searching for EV charging point installation Bradford providers?

It’s easier than you think to install an EV charging point at home in Bradford with the help of professionals from Downtown Electrical.

We’ll install a car charger socket at your home in the most secure, accessible place so you can start charging your electric car at home whenever you need to. Install a car charger at home in Bradford today and you can top up your car battery at any time.

Our EV charging units are safely installed in compliance with all regulations and will protect your home and car, unlike regular electrical sockets. 

What about electric car charger installation for business in Bradford?

Businesses in Bradford can also benefit from our electric car charger installation services.
You can count on us to offer a suitable EV charger solution for your business needs.

Whether you have a fleet of electric vehicles, employees who drive electric cars, or are just getting started with sustainable business goals, Downtown Electrical can fulfil EV charger requirements for any site.

Even better, we can help you reduce the costs through the Workplace Charging Scheme, so your business could save hundreds of pounds.