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Attract more EV drivers and earn more money by installing a commercial EV charging station at your office or workplace

Help reduce your business’ carbon footprint, attract and retain more customers and electric vehicle drivers, and even earn more revenue for your business by installing a commercial EV charger.

Commercial EV charging experts

Our mission is to expand the UK’s network of EV chargers to bring more environmentally friendly vehicles to our roads, and that includes installing more chargers at commercial buildings.

But this isn’t just about helping the environment.

Installing a workplace EC charger gives you and your business a number of benefits as well.

  • Attract more EV drivers to your business
  • Improve your reputation as a green business
  • Earn more revenue
  • Generate a better ROI from your ev chargers with flexible pricing
Commercial EV Charging - Downtown Electrical

Fully Approved Contractors

What type of commercial ev charger could you install?

Slow & fast charging

Help your employees and customers keep their electric vehicles charged with a dedicated place to plug them in during the day or when they visit your business.

Rapid charging

Create a quick pit stop for customers to get their vehicles charged and back on the road quickly with a rapid charging ev unit.

Get a grant to cover the cost of installing your workplace EV charger

Worried about the upfront costs of installing EV chargers at your commercial property?

Don’t be.

With the Office of Zero Emission Vehicle’s Workplace Charging Scheme you could get financial support towards the up-front costs of buying and installing your workplace ev charging station.

As an authorised installer of workplace charging scheme stations, we can even help take you through the application process to make sure you get all the financial support you’re entitled to to help get the best price and ROI from your investment in electric vehicle chargers.


Very Commercial EV installation - EV Charging Points

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Get in touch with us, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, to hear more about our electric charging points.

Hire NICEIC-approved contractors to install your Workplace EV chargers

All of our contractors are NICEIC-approved so you know you’re in safe hands and getting the best service possible.

We’re specialists in Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging and help you along every step of your project.

From surveying the best place to install a workplace EV charger, to choosing the best charging unit to the final installation we’ll make sure your new EV charger installation meets all legislation and regulations.

Join the commercial ev charging revolution with help from Downtown Electrical

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses improve their green credentials by installing workplace electric vehicle chargers for employees and customers.

We’re registered with the OZEV grant scheme so can help you take advantage of the workplace charging scheme to reduce the costs of buying and installing your EV chargers.

And we can help you through every stage of your installation project.

We’ll work with you to survey your commercial property to identify the best places to install your chargers as well as carry out the installation work.

We can also help you with future planning so you’ll know how your EV charging project can expand in the future.

Get a free no-obligation quote today.

Commercial EV Charging - Downtown Electrical

Customer Reviews

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  • David Alexander ★★★★★
    Excellent professional service. George and Glenn overcame a number of problems, including significant delays with Northern Powergrid. They did so in a very professional and friendly manner and I would definitely recommend them to other … More businesses considering the installation of EV chargepoints.
  • Fraser M ★★★★★
    Excellent communication and service throughout. Highly recommended.
  • Linda Gartland ★★★★★
    Installing the charge point for an electric car outside our 400 year old house was a challenge which required experience and inventiveness beyond most installers. Downtown Electrical were extremely helpful through every stage of planning … More the installation, and did a fantastic job on the day. I thoroughly recommend them.
  • Ed Hayes ★★★★★
    Took my hamster to these guys for an operation and they injected it in the wrong place - unfortunately he died.. Do not take your pets to this company. Or your Hoover.Only joking, they did an amazingly efficient job installing a podpoint … More charger at my home this morning and George was massively knowledgeable and efficient throughout. My initial enquiry was dealt with in the most prompt and professional way I have ever experienced with any company actually. I highly recommend them.
  • Tracy Ibbotson ★★★★★
    I've used this firm twice now and have been thrilled with their service. They are knowledgeable, efficient and tidy! Happy to recommend to anyone.

Commercial EV Charging - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Workplace Charging Scheme?

The WCS is a voucher scheme that provides financial support for businesses that want to buy and install electric vehicle chargers for your commercial property. Businesses, charities and public sector organisations can apply to use the scheme.

How does workplace ev charger installation work?

First we’ll carry out a site survey to work out whether you can have EV chargers installed, and where the best place is for them. Once we’ve worked with you on this and you’ve chosen the types of EV charger you want, our qualified engineers will get to work installing your charging stations and connecting them to an electricity supply.

Which EV charging station is best for my business?

This depends as the time it takes to recharge an EV battery will depend partly on the type of charging station you have. For example, it can take as long as eight hours to fully charge an EV battery using a slow charger while a rapid charger does the job considerably quicker.

How can I generate more revenue by installing an EV charger?

By installing EV chargers you can start to attract more customers, improve your reputation and increase the number of time customers spend at your business while they charge your car.

If you’re keeping customers at your business longer you increase the chances of them spending money with you, as well as attracting higher numbers of customers to your business.

How much does it cost to install a commercial EV charging station?

The cost to install a commercial EV charging station will often vary depending on the charging unit model, the number of chargers you need, the distance of cabling you need to fix the charging unit to an electrical point and the fixings and foundations required for the specific project.

Typically you’ll spend at least £1,000 on the entire installation project, but there are government-backed grants available to help reduce this cost.

Can I install a commercial EV charging station on my own?

No, you shouldn’t try to install a charging station by yourself.

An EV charging station installation requires expert skills and knowledge as the charging unit needs to be installed and connected to a mains source of power.

If you’re planning to install an EV charging station, always hire an experienced engineer.

Can’t I just plug my electric vehicle into a regular electrical outlet?

Most electric cars produced today come with a charging unit that can be plugged into a standard outlet. So technically yes, you could plug your EV into an outlet in your home.

However, this isn’t recommended as EV charging units have the technology installed which can communicate with the electric vehicle to make the charging more efficient and safer.

With an EV charger, you can also take advantage of better electric tariffs, so you’ll pay less to keep your vehicle charged.

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