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Battery storage solutions allow you to save power from your solar panels and have 100% renewable energy on demand that can help power your home or electric vehicle Get a quote

Authorised Dealers

At Downtown Electrical we’re the number one provider of battery storage technology in Leeds, West Yorkshire and the wider Yorkshire area.

All our engineers are qualified and registered to carry out battery storage installations at both domestic and commercial premises.

We can help you with the entire project, from design and choosing the right battery storage solution for your needs, to the final installation and advice on management.

We’re proud to be authorised dealers of fourof the most respected manufacturers of this technology –

  • Myenergi Libbi
  • Giv Energy
  • Alpha
  • FoxEss

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Mark Bendall
Mark Bendall
Contacted Glenn on the Wednesday, received a quote the next day and the work was complete the following Tuesday. The team who came around were very professional, polite and helpful. If you need an EV charging point at home - I can recommend Downtown Electrical.
Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd
Zakaria Hussein
Zakaria Hussein
David Alexander
David Alexander
Excellent professional service. George and Glenn overcame a number of problems, including significant delays with Northern Powergrid. They did so in a very professional and friendly manner and I would definitely recommend them to other businesses considering the installation of EV chargepoints.
Fraser M
Fraser M
Excellent communication and service throughout. Highly recommended.
Linda Gartland
Linda Gartland
Installing the charge point for an electric car outside our 400 year old house was a challenge which required experience and inventiveness beyond most installers. Downtown Electrical were extremely helpful through every stage of planning the installation, and did a fantastic job on the day. I thoroughly recommend them.
Ed Hayes
Ed Hayes
Took my hamster to these guys for an operation and they injected it in the wrong place - unfortunately he died.. Do not take your pets to this company. Or your Hoover. Only joking, they did an amazingly efficient job installing a podpoint charger at my home this morning and George was massively knowledgeable and efficient throughout. My initial enquiry was dealt with in the most prompt and professional way I have ever experienced with any company actually. I highly recommend them.
Paul Steggles
Paul Steggles
Tracy Ibbotson
Tracy Ibbotson
I've used this firm twice now and have been thrilled with their service. They are knowledgeable, efficient and tidy! Happy to recommend to anyone.
Rob P
Rob P
These guys installed a Tesla charger for me, communication was good, they were easy to deal with, reasonably priced and did a good job. I'd happily use them again and recommend them.

Domestic and Commercial Battery Storage Solutions in Leeds

If you’ve got solar panels installed on your home or commercial property, you’ll be able to generate your own electricity that can keep your energy bills down.

But you’re also losing any excess power you generate that goes unused during the day because it simply feeds back into the national grid.

A battery storage solution helps you save this unused energy generated by your solar panels, giving you access to free energy on demand, even at peak hours.

So why let unused energy go to waste when you could stop your reliance on the grid and bring your utility bills down all year round.

Battery Storage Solutions UK

Benefits of installing a battery storage solution

  • Save on-demand energy 24/7

By using battery storage to save excess energy generated by solar panels you can a reliable supply of energy that you can use on demand whenever you need it


  • Reduce your electricity bills

With costs of living on the rise, anything that can bring your energy bills down is a help. By storing your own energy and using it during the day – rather than relying on the national grid – you can avoid expensive tariffs and bring your energy bills down


  • Make money

Without battery storage any unused energy you generate through solar panels simply goes back to the grid. But by storing it you could potentially sell the energy back and make some money at the same time


  • Reduce your impact on the environment

By combining solar panels and battery storage you can reduce your home’s environmental impact by generating and storing 100% renewable energy

Benefits of installing a battery storage solution - Downtown Electrical

Why choose Downtown Electrical for your battery storage solution?

Simple pricing

When investing in your battery storage solution with us you’ll be given transparent pricing for the battery storage unit and any installation costs, so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying before signing up.


Reliable supplier and installation team

As authorised suppliers of some of the most popular and reliable battery storage solutions on the market you can be guaranteed you’re only investing in the best battery storage technology that will deliver the best results and returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use battery storage if I’ve got solar panels?

Using battery storage can help you be more independent from expensive energy tariffs and reduce your reliance on energy from the national grid.

By using battery storage alongside solar panels, you can save any excess or unused energy you generate from solar panels and use it later – like during peak times when electricity is most expensive, rather than lose it to the grid.

How much energy can a battery storage solution hold?

A lot depends on the battery storage solution you choose and the amount of energy you anticipate generating and storing from your Solar PV units.

But, as an example, storage can range from between 2.6 kWh to 35 kWh in some units based on whether you need to store energy for a low use household, or large family.

How much money can you save per year on electricity using battery storage?

Again, this will depend primarily on the type and capacity of battery storage you decide to invest in. But typically a household will see its electricity bills fall by hundreds of pounds a year depending on their regular consumption.

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